New Cupcakes Hunt, NS:, Bishes Inc & ...

TOP:  Bishes Inc. ~ Knotted Tank Rose @ The Boobies Show By: Juicy Sahara
FALDA:  Bishes Inc. ~ Candy Mini White @ The Boobies Show By: Juicy Sahara
TATUAJE ESTRELLAS:  AITUI TATTOO - A Simple Galaxy  By: Jesseaitui Petion
COLLAR:  Blah. (My Pure Heart Necklace)  By: Hoshi Kimono
BENDA RODILLA:  Dirty Land dl:: Knee bandaid with blood  By: Selene Edwyn
PATINES:   .: CandyStripes :. Easter Roller Skates  By: Enzerubebi Resident

CUPCAKES:  BananaN - Cupcake seats 5L$ @ Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt  By: Banana Mellow
CONEJITO:  [*RD*]*Bunny Plush-Pillow* 5L$ @ Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt  By: Rogue Falconer
CABELLO:  TRUTH HAIR Lyma  By: Truth Hawks
SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Gina Tan 100L$ @ Siria's Fashion Room  By:  Sawsan Secretspy
SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. Manuela  By:  Sawsan Secretspy
OJOS:  NS:: Lovely Eyes Gift (Incluye 3 colores) 1L$ @ Marketplace  By: Nani Soulstar
BENDA DE OJOS:   NS::  Kawaii Sleep Mask (Hud cambia diseño) 1L$ By: Nani Soulstar
PALETA:  MDL - Popsicle GroupGift August'12 FREE  By: Suvi Breil
UÑAS:  SuPerBia NaiLs - PoLiSheD By: Ojeras Tolsen
ANILLOS: {PopTart} Cupcake Rings 5L$ @ Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt  By: Poptarrt Resident