Hi!  Meet Natasha!
Natasha is the new mesh head of MURRAY.
Anyone who has previously purchased Magdalena mesh head back in the beginning of the year
 will be able to transition to this mesh head without any additional cost.

This is how Murray's system will work:
The mesh head without any texture on it will cost L$990 
with all features included, no add-ons or anything like that, you get all of it for that amount 
(including the upcoming bento update for this head).

Each texture pack will cost around L$490 which will include a HUD with 5 brows options, the default eyes, default mouth and nose in alpha versions so you can mix and match with other texture packs. Oh and 3 blush options that will be default in every pack.

Additionally, any make-up will be sold as a separate pack around L$250 
each containing 5 recolors of that make-up.

For example, Murray are releasing two "faces" (Natasha and Bella), this is how it is going to work:
Bella Face = 490 (Default face + alpha version of nose / lips and eyes for mix and match)
Bella Light Lipstick = 250 (5 light recolors of the bella lips both in matte and gloss)
Bella Dark Lipstick = 250 (5 dark recolors of the bella lips both in matte and gloss)
Eyeshadows pack 01 = 250 (5 recolors of an eyeshadow).

The "complete" pack including the mesh head + 1 face texture + 2 make-up packs (lipstick and eyeshadow) would cost just L$1980

They are currently working on a bento version of this head that will be updated for free to anyone who purchases it now. Once they release the Bento version, they will raise the price to L$1490 instead of the L$990.