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We can say that the importance of fashion lies in the fact that it represents a form of expression of society in a certain historical moment, that is to say, in a certain spatial, temporal and social context.

When we refer to fashion, we are not talking about functionality or comfort, since many times the clothes that are imposed as modern are so only for their aesthetic value, originality and new style.

To be fashionable is often to feel uncomfortable and even ridiculous, but those who follow it are convinced that it is worth it to strengthen their belonging to a certain social group. Being fashion conscious is much more than a hobby. The latest clothing trends are no longer the focus of attention of celebrities but have now become a point of importance for the majority of society.

Shopping malls, clothing stores, department stores and shopping malls are filled with fashion addicts. Even more frequent nowadays are purchases in online stores, which are made through websites.


✥📷 – 467✥ True gentleman

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✥📷 – 465✥ Love yourself

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✥📷 – 464✥ What are you doing?

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✥📷 – 463✥ May I die!

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✥📷 – 462✥ BadBoy

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✥📷 – 461✥ Scairs

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✥📷 – 459✥ Miracle